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A Book Ever New -- Lessons from the Living Cell: The Limits of Reductionism by Stephen Rothman
By Xinfajia
2019-01-18 02:35:42

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As traditional Chinese logic indicates that a dead human is not a human, the sum of dead parts does not make up a live human being. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is totally based on a holistic view of the human being, both body and soul included. Hence the practice of "meditation" (an inaccurate translation of "静修" -- "serenity cultivation" to get rid of excessive desires as a precondition for mental, physical and psychological health); the theory of meridians and medical/health-maintenance practice based on it; etc.

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An elegant call to a new biology that goes beyond reductionism The Human Genome Project is the culmination of a two-centuries-old scientific tradition that takes as its central tenet the principle of reductionism, or the belief that a system can be thoroughly understood when it is reduced to its most fundamental constituent parts. Experimental biologist Stephen Rothman explains that reductionism also has serious, even dangerous, limitations.With the help of fascinating case studies, he takes a clear-eyed look at the social climate in which science is practiced and explores the collective psychology that he fears is leading scientists down a blind alley. Rothman explains why, despite all the hype surrounding the Genome Project, science is still no closer to building a bridge between molecules and reactions at the genetic level and large-scale biological processes. And, ultimately, he makes an eloquent and impassioned argument for a Darwinian-inspired approach to biological research that goes beyond reductionism to embrace living systems in their entirety.


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