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Seasons of China trailer: how the 24 solar terms are marked across China
By Telegraph Reporters
2019-02-13 11:50:01

 Source and Video: yahoo.com

Seasons of China trailer: how the 24 solar terms are marked across China

Telegraph Reporters

More than 2,000 years ago, the ancient Chinese were able to divide the solar year into 24 equal passages of time by observing the trajectory of the sun and the law of astronomical climate change, resulting in the 24 solar terms, a unique Chinese time knowledge system.

Such a system was able not only to act as a guide to the traditional agricultural production of the ancient Chinese but also to have a great impact on the way of thinking and code of conduct of millions of the Chinese.

In November 2016, 24 solar terms, one of treasures of ancient Chinese wisdom was officially listed as human intangible cultural heritage by the Unesco.

So for two years, a film crew travelled through 24 provinces and municipalities across China to find out the impact the solar terms have on contemporary China by visiting the southern-most Sanya of Hainan and the northern-most village in Muohe; the scorching hot Chongqing while it was 45 degrees and the freezing cold Harbin, where the temperature dropped to -30 degrees.

The Seasons of China, the resulting 24-episode documentary series, is presented by  and documents the Chinese ancient calendar.


Through 24 travels, the presenter Dominic Johnson-Hill experiences how the seasons affect the lives of the Chinese and how they are marked in different places. The first two episodes explore the solar terms Spring and Rain Water, before the last one tackles Greater Cold. 

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