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Amid the myriads of stars in the Milky Way, one of the billions of galaxies in the boundless and timeless universe, only our tiny little Earth is seen shining with the light of human intelligence.

While so many an empire and civilization on this planet, once powerful and prosperous, are now buried under tropical forests and vast desserts, only the Chinese civilization has been continuously growing in harmony with Nature and hence survived all vicissitudes.

Across time and space, the Chinese civilization is the only one not founded spiritually on any religious mythology, but on human rationality, which has blossomed into a Dao-awareness human tradition, which is rooted in the self-consistent principle of “internal sageness being externalized into non-hegemonic statecraft” (内圣外王). In Chinese culture, both the political ideal of relying on the law and resorting to power in line with the Dao without doing anything against it in governing a state (无为而治) and the principle for character cultivation of maintaining serenity inside oneself and deference for the world outside, or briefly, both the achievement of a serene mind and that of a serene world, embody the Way of Heaven. Its superlative theoretical expression is the teachings of Huang-Lao (Emperor Huang and Laozi), which thrived during the Warring Period and Qin-Han dynasties.

The naturalist world outlook in Huang-Lao teachings is not only the spiritual guide for the Chinese people in their thinking and living for thousands of years, but also a great philosophical foundation on which they have built up a unique and comprehensive thought system covering medicine, economics and political thought. This system aims at dynamic balances inside the human body, between all sectors within a society, and between human society and nature. All its subsystems follow the principle of “guiding changes towards balance” (from The Yellow Emperor’s Four Cannons, I): economically, arranging production and consumption in accord with the cycle of seasons and with nature’s productive capabilities at the time; and politically, allocating limited resources among people according to their respective contributions to the society…

The Chinese civilization is the only one which has flourished not by conquest and colonial expansion but through free interracial marriages and free migration, i.e., through the integration of multiple racial strains with shared territory. It has been powerful at times, but never an empire -- it has been a highly-integrated civilization.

Our mission is to end monopoly capital’s global hegemony and build a serene Daoist-Legalist world.

What is the most significant feature of the modern society?

It is the monopolistic rule by capital. Its domination over all aspects of human life has severely eroded individual morality, social justice, world peace and ecological harmony.

Humanity must find a road leading towards a new civilization that is different from that of the modern West. History has proved that return to the self-consistent supreme principle of “internal sageness being externalized into non-hegemonic statecraft” should be the best, and probably the only, option.

Here we would like to announce to the whole world the strongest message in the universe -- the Dao-awareness human tradition.


This website is meant to unearth this tradition from the centuries-long Chinese culture, the richest treasury of human civilization, and present it to all thinkers, politicians, artists and ordinary people who are concerned about their own fate as well as that of mankind. We feel we are fortunate enough to be part of this great cause and sincerely hope that you will join with us in this most arduous and yet most exciting long march ever in human history.



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