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Li Si: the most influential Prime Minister in China
By Xinfajia   2008-07-01
A staunch believer in a highly buraucratic system, Li Si is considered to have been central to the efficiency of the state of Qin and the success of its military conquest. He was also instrumental in systemizing standard measures and currency in post-unified China.
Han Feizi and his main philosophies
By Xinfajia   2008-06-23
In his theory,Daoist thinking can be seen in such a state where the ruler rules by doing nothing (wuwei 無為). Practically, the ruler had to initiate behaviour standards ("laws", fa 法), controlling methods (shu 術) and controlling strength (shi 勢).
Guan Zhong---Prime Minister of Qi State of Ancient China
By Xinfajia   2008-06-18
Historians usually credit Guan Zhong for introducing state monopolies of salt and iron. During his term of office, the state of Qi became much stronger.
Du You and his encyclopedia on Chinese laws, regulations
By Xinfajia   2008-02-11
Du You devoted thirty-six years to the compilation of the Tongdian, a historical encyclopedia with 200 sections (volumes), a collection of laws, regulations, and general events from ancient times to his own.
Shenzi (Master Shen) and his book
By Xinfajia   2008-02-11
Codified regulations are a measure to equalize all activities under Heaven, they are the rules that are issued by the highest public institution in a great act.
Shang Yang , the Great Ch'in Reformer
By Xinfajia   2008-02-11
Lord Shang's reform yielded wonderful results: Things dropped on the roads were not stolen; In the deserted mountainous areas, there were no robbers; Families were self-supporting and people had plenty; They were brave in public warfare and self-restrained in private quarrels; Peace and order prevailed throughout the countryside and in the towns.
Lao-tzu: Father of Taoism
By Xinfajia   2008-01-06
LAO-TZU is the author of the world-famous Chinese classic Tao Te Ching and considered as the originator of the ancient Chinese Taoism.
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