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China’s Constitutional Revolution Two Millennia Ago (VIII6-X): Contemporary significance of Qi constitution
By Li Xuejun (李学俊)   2014-06-07
Qi’s constitutionalism based on rule of law and virtue combined has been one of the most valuable human legacies, with its exemplary significance to the political governance of all countries of today’s world... Truly perfect consitutional government should stick to the golden mean of “politics as being just” and resort to political wisdom just as ancient China’s Qi state did.
China’s Constitutional Revolution Two Millennia Ago (VII – VIII-5): Rule of law & virtue combined.
By Li Xuejun (李学俊)   2014-05-13
Western constitutionalism advocates the supremacy of law, judging everything by law but dismissing public virtue cultivation and moral exhortation as the other guidance of government work... As a result, the financiers on Wall Street have always been taking advantage of the loopholes in the law and done so many evil things in “legally” plundering other people’s wealth...
China’s Constitutional Revolution Two Millennia Ago (IV- VI): Qi’s constitutional monarchy, etc.
By Li Xuejun (李学俊)   2014-04-01
One characteristic of Qi’s constitutionalism as distinguished from that of modern Europe and America was that it did not only restrict the monarch’s power but that of capital as well... Capital, while playing a positive role in promoting economy to help ensure people’s livelihood, that is, benefiting others while pursuing self-interest, also had a negative side if not regulated, that is, a tendency to manipulate the market for its own benefit at other people’s expense...
China’s Constitutional Revolution Two Millennia Ago (IV): Qi’s constitutional monarchy (1-7)
By Li Xuejun (李学俊)   2014-03-09
In 1948, when the UN drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the two Chinese scholars, Wu Deyao (吴德耀) and Zhang Pengchun (张彭春) , merged into it Guan Zhong’s idea of government “by, of and for all human persons” and Confucius’ of “whole world as one community”...
China’s Constitutional Revolution Two Millennia Ago (I-III): Introduction / Ancient Qi (齐) State
By Li Xuejun (李学俊)   2014-02-04
Guan Zhong, while successfully reforming Qi’s 300 years old liberalist model of market economy by the state controlling natural resources and regulating the market, revolutionized the tradition of government and brought about a people-oriented constitutional monarchy based on the rule of law and virtue combined…
China’s Examination System (科举制) Saved Western Democracy
By Yuzhong Zhai (翟玉忠)   2012-07-03
In ancient Greece, where democracy originated, many a great man was persecuted under that institution. After democracy was practiced in Britain and the U.S., corruption was prevalent among people of all classes before they adopted China's Examination System.
Traditional China: From Unitary Government to Non-Partisan Politics
By Yuzhong Zhai   2012-05-13
To understand the mutually unrelated and disparate processes of evolution of Chinese and Western political systems, we need to know first that there was essential distinction between pre-Qin Chinese feudalism and Western European feudalism. Traditional Chinese politics was opposed to partisan interest groups wielding power unilaterally.
Non-Partisanship of Traditional Chinese Politics
By Yuzhong Zhai   2012-03-26
Chinese Civilization Has Its Own Course of Development
By Yuzhong Zhai   2012-02-29
Since remote times, China has all along been an integrated civilization formed through continuing free migration and free marriages between different ethnic-cultural groups... All the wealth, of which land was the most important, belonged to all people on an equal footing... The Chinese civilization continuing to grow naturally as an integrated whole will inevitably help remold the world into a stateless one, that is, one without division into bounded nation-states.
By Sherwin Lu   2009-07-15
All these reform meaures combined to lay the foundation for the succeeding hundreds of years long golden era..., the foundation for the succeeding 2000 years long history of China as a great unified nation..., and the foundation for carrying on one of the oldest but the only one civilization still surviving today....While democratic republicanism in the Western form has its merit and the traditional Chinese form of government its problems, the former still has its limitations and the latter its superiority.
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